About us

Valley Campus Viet Nam (VCV), located in Ho Chi Minh City, has strength in IoT/M2M technology area. VCV possesses the state of the art global standard technologies to help you resolve your own needs. VCV provides full line products and services for R&D engineers and system integrators. VCV Off-shore software development services covers customization and enhancement of existing ICT systems, Web system development, cloud environment development for mobile application, embedded system development and so on.


Recently, Viet Nam is getting more attention as new off shore software development resources next to China and India. VCV provides Off-shore Software Development Service in state of the art, leading edge technology area utilizing expertize of the high level local engineers at competitive Viet Nam cost. VCV allocates a bridge SE to each development project in Japan. Two types of development projects are available. One is regular, standard development service based on agreed software specification documents. And the other is “Laboratory-type” contract based on an agreement on overall project operations. In Laboratory-type projects, customers get more opportunity for detail instructions and feedback management cycles with the project team members. In both cases, bridge SEs play important roles of communication between the customers and the development team.